Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Geography Club: Washington DC

What better way to start a road trip around the country then to kick it off in our nations capital city. For D.C. I made a poster that showcased some of the many Memorials and Monuments in the city. I was able to take the kids on a virtual tour through Ford's Theatre and the Smithsonian. We talked about the unique nature of Washington D.C. and how the city has non-voting representation in Congress and how the city is NOT a state. 

Going on the virtual tour of Ford's Theatre, the kids were able to see where President Lincoln was shot and where he ultimately died. We talked about the Civil War and how divided the country was and how that led to the assassination.

The craft the kids made was really simple. I had card stock flags and I gave each kid a flag, 2 red strips of construction paper and 3 red stars for the kids to recreate the flag of Washington D.C. 

Websites that were helpful:
Books that take place in Washington DC or are about DC:
  • We March by Shane Evans
  • Madeline at the White House by Marciano Bemelmans
  • Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride by Pam Ryan
  • Abe Lincoln's Dream by Lane Smith
  • The First Pup by Bob Staake
  • If I were President by Thomas Troupe
  • I.Q.: the White House by Roland Smith
  • The Liberty Porter Series by Julia Devillers
  • Abe Lincoln at Last! by Mary Pope Osborne
  • The First Kids Mystery Series by Martha Freeman
  • Capture the Flag by Kate Messner    
  • The Secret of Rover by Rachel Wildavksy

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