Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Geography Club: Travel the USA

A new program that I decided I really wanted to do this school year is Geography Club: Travel the USA. In this program, I take a group of 6-8 year-olds on a field trip across this beautiful country.  We will learn about each state through books, crafts, videos, music and virtual tours when possible.

One thing  I absolutely love about this study is I get to TEACH. Most of the time I entertain kids, but with this program,  I get to set up my "classroom" and teach the kids something cool about our country.  The only drawback is I am basically creating my own curriculum to do this in a library setting. Most of the things  I find would work AMAZING if  I had more than 45 minutes a week to teach the kids about each particular state. So far, there has been a wealth of information for me to show the kids.  

In preparation for this "road trip" I created passports for each child as they signed up. Yes, I know you don't need a passport to travel across the United States, but I thought it would be a really fun way to mark their attendance and at the end of the program the kids could see which states they were able to learn about. The passport template I used was found at Guesthollow, which I found after searching PINTEREST. I only used card stock for the cover and the info pages (which I cut and glued to the inside of the passport cover.) For the insert pages,  I photocopied them on regular copy paper, ran them through the copier so it would print on both sides and changed it from 2 big blocks to 8 small blocks per side of the page to make the passports thinner. I then stapled the passports together, took pictures of the kids and glued the pictures in to make them look sort of authentic in an obviously fake way. The kids LOVE THEM!!!! 
For passport stamps, I found this website called Stickers and Charts and found these adorable statehood stickers that the kids glue in the passports each week! I also give the kids a little "bookmark" each week of the chosen state that I found at Step into Second Grade

I am really excited to take you on the field trip with the kids through our country. I hope you are ready for a road trip, just make sure you buckle your seat belt-- it's going to be a LONG drive.

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