Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Ready for Alphabet Adventures-- Let's make the Alphabet!

I am hoping to launch an Alphabet Adventures program in my Toddler Time Story Time. So to prepare for this super fun set of Story Times, I have to get  some things ready.

One thing that I found and had to make were these really cute Alphabet Stones that I found from Rachel at Bubbly Nature Creations. What I really love about this site is Rachel broke down the approximate cost of making your own Alphabet Stone Magnets. I love that I already had everything I needed laying around so these did not have any additional cost! Now I will say that instead of using Silicone Sealer, I used Mod Podge and Aileene's Tacky Glue-- both I had laying around and products I absolutely love.  The stickers are from Oriental Trading and you can find them here. How adorable are they!

I also started looking at books to introduce the Alphabet to my Toddler Time (or books their moms and dads could read to them at home) and here are a few of the ones I thought were adorable.

LMNOpeas by Keith Baker a simple Alphabet book using one of my favorite vegetables-- peas! This book has a very gentle ABC flow. There are multiple letters on a page spread and few words to accompany each letter.

Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes by Brian P. Cleary
Another cute alphabet book but not as cute as LMNOpeas.  This one is more suited for an older child, but also great for mom or dad to read to their child one on one.

Animal ABC by Marcus Pfister is really cool because it gives an animal riddle for each letter of the alphabet. While I know that can be difficult for Toddlers, I think this would be a fun book for them to be read by Mom and Dad.

More to come!