Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pug and Doug by Steve Breen

"Pug and Doug are best friends. They both love doughnuts, bird watching and polka music. They are also very different. Doug has a big imagination. Pug . . .  not so much. When a misunderstanding between the friend's hurts Doug's feelings, will Pug know how to make things right? This charming and hilarious odd-couple friendship story is perfect for best buddies who usually, but don't always see eye to eye." (book jacket)

Pug and Doug by Steve Breen is adorably illustrated and should catch the attention of the small children. I think it's a good look into the fun and difficult times of friendship. I like how the book shows that a simple misunderstanding can cause a rift between friends.

That being said, I did feel that part of the story seemed a little forced and awkward and maybe just a little too long. Overall, it was a good book that I would use in a friendship story time.

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