Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dinosaurs Galore! A special Story Time

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Elise Broach, illustrated by David Small
"Just when a small boy thinks he's going to die from running errands with his mom, the most remarkable, the most stupendous things happens. He discovers that one this day, and this day only, stores everywhere are giving away a very special treat with any purchase. No, not the usual lollipop or sticker. Something bigger. Much, MUCH bigger. It's a dream come true, except .  . . what exactly do you do with these Jurassic treats? And how do you convince Mom to let you keep them?" (Book jacket)
This book is absolutely adorable and every child's fantasy. While I never actually wanted a dinosaur as a child, I was convinced my grandmother had one for a pet as a kid. She was a really good sport that day. Without batting an eye she said, "Yep it was a pterodactyl." Anyway, this book really will be every little boy's dream come to life in only the way a picture book can. :O)

Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Ben Cort
"Dinosaurs where all wiped out, A long way back in history. No one knows quite how or why,
Now this book solves the mystery. . .

The dawning of civilization, the emergence of man, the extinction of the dinosaurs-- no one knows for sure how any of these things came to be, but Claire Freedman and Ben Cort might just have the answer: underpants. " (book jacket)
With humorous illustrations of various types of underpants, the book starts running off through caveman days and the first dinosaur we meet is the terrifying T-Rex who declares" I don't want to eat you up, I want your underpants!" and from that point on you know it's just going to get funnier.
I absolutely adore this book. I think it's hilarious and fun.

Gorgonzola A Very STINKYsaurus by Margie Palatini, illustrated by Tim Bowers
"Long, long ago, when dinosaurs ruled the land, there lived a dinosaur who was the worst of them all: Gorgonzola. Not really large, not really scary, Gorgonzola was known near and far for his . . . D.O. Yes, dinosaur odor. From horn to toe, Gorgonzola was one serious stinker. That is, until a bold little birdie decides it's high time to show this soap-challenged big boy just how to clean up his act." (book jacket)
I can't help but feel bad for Gorgonzola. He (yes its a HE) isn't aware of proper hygiene methods because he was abanodoned/orphaned as an egg and he's been raising himself. This book isn't the best dinosaur story I've ever read, but it is a good introduction to proper hygiene and on being painfully honest with someone else.

The Dinosaur's New Clothes by Diane Goode.
"Meet the Emperor, who vainly prefers to be the height of fashion instead of tending to his responsibilities as a ruler. And what glorious fashion it is! Despite the challenges of his unusual shape, dressmakers manage to make the Emperor's trousers, jackets and robes a storybook in themselves." (Book jacket)

I really like this retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Emperor's New Clothes. I find that with the characters being dinosaurs, it's not nearly as disturbing when the Emperor ends up naked. The artwork is adorable and whimsical. I love it! 

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