Friday, December 14, 2012

Victricia Malicia Book-Loving Buccaneer by Carrie Clickard, illustrated by Mark Meyers

"Victricia Malicia Calamity Barrett may have been born on a pirate ship and raised in all the best pirate ways, but she sure is a wreck on deck. Her knots slip, she falls from the rigging, and rats abandon the ship when she cooks. No wonder she's sick of the sea!

Perplexed by Victricia's love of dry land and strange addiction to books, her pirate family tolerates one maritime mishap after another-- until the fateful day when her slippery new swabbing soap sends half the crew overboard! Will the buccaneers ground this nautical nuisance or will Victricia find a way to save the day?" (inside book jacket)

This book is absolutely delightful! I enjoyed how Mark Meyers illustrations brought Carrie Clickards rhyming words to life and I was able to watch how Victricia Malicia grew up being different from her family.

This book is a great addition to a pirate story time, especially since most of the really good pirate books are about boys- little girls may love this one.

The authors have also included a website where you can find pirate activities, file folder games, scripts and much more. Go to Victricia Malicia for more information and pirate fun.

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