Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Monster Who Lost His Mean by Tiffany Strelitz Haber illustrated by Kirstie Edmunds

"Meet a little monster with a BIG problem! Everyone knows that the M in "monster" stands for MEAN. But what happens when a monster can't be mean anymore? Is he still a monster at all? One young monster's attempts to live up to his name go hilariously awry as he discovers-- with a little help from his friends-- that it's not what you're called but who you are that counts.

Monster books seem to be all the rage lately and with a book like this one, I can see why. The illustrations are absolutely adorable and I absolutely fell in love with "The Onster." I love how the overall message of the book is "Who care what other people think of you. Their opinions are not what makes you who you are."

This book is great for all ages. I know it's target age group is 4-8 years, but any child would sit and listen to this one. The rhythm of the text will keep their attention.

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