Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amelia Bedelia's First Vote by Herman Parish

Amelia Bedelia's First Vote by Herman Parish is adorable! I love that Herman Parish was able to take his aunt, Peggy Parish's, grown up Amelia Bedelia (that I grew up loving) and recreate her for a whole new generation to love.

In this book, Amelia Bedelia's class learns about the voting process. The story starts out with Amelia being sent to the office with the daily attendance and her literally running into her Principal Mr. K. From that moment on the book spins in its typical Amelia Bedelia fashion of taking things too literally. When some says "hug the corner" meaning do a tight turn, Amelia actually hugs the corner of the building. Moments like that continue through the whole book and give a glimpse of what Amelia will be like as a grown up.


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