Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Not Sleepy. . . Bedtime Stories

One of my favorite themes is Bedtime/Sleeping. There is something magical in a book about bedtime that after I've read them, I'm ready to go take a nap. :O)
Here are a few bedtime stories that I Love to read. . .

In Mo Williems Pigeon books, we meet a bird who really doesn't want to abide by "normal" rules. In the first book, he wanted to drive a bus. In the second one, he refused to share his hotdog. In this book, he won't go to sleep. We meet the bus driver from the first book and he gives us another "impossible" task-- Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!

I love this book because kids can say "NO!" as loud and often as they want. It's a great book for audience participation.

Hush Little Baby by Sylvia Long takes a classic nursery lullaby and changes it a little bit. Instead of things breaking, she has made things in nature do what things in nature do. It's a nice refreshing change and the pictures are delightful.

Shhhhh! Everybody's Sleeping by Julie Markes, illustrated by David Parkins is a cute little story about what our communitiy helpers are doing at night-- SLEEPING. Each community helper is sleeping in his/her domain -- the Librarian is sleeping in the library, the doctor is sleeping in the hospital, etc. There is a couple of sentences on each page so even a small child can sit through it. :O)

Time for Bed, Baby Ted by Debra Sartell, illustrated by Kay Chorao is the story of a little boy named Ted who does everything he can to stall going to sleep-- even while he gets himself ready for bed. What I love about this book is that it's Ted's FATHER who is getting the little boy ready for bed. Most of the bedtime books I find, it's the Mom getting everything done, so I love the newer take on it.

Mother, Mother, I Want Another by  Maria Polushkin Robbins, illustrated by Jon Goodell is the delightful tale of a little mouse you really wants another bedtime kiss, but when he tells his mother that he wants another, she thinks he wants another MOM, not a kiss. Trying to please her baby mouse, Mrs. Mouse goes to all her friends to see if any of them can please her little one. By the end of the tale, it seems that every mom in the area has song little mouse to sleep, and we finally find that he only wants another bedtime kiss.

One More Hug for Madison by Caroline Jayne Church is similar to Mother, Mother, I Want Another in the simple fact they both deal with little mice who wants additional bedtime affection before submitting to sleep. Madison really wants another hug, but she asks for other things first before she gets that final bedtime hug.