Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Read all about It by Laura and Jenna Bush

Whoo Hoo! the first book to go on this new blog and as a Library Associate I felt it appropriate that the first book would be Laura and Jenna Bush's book Read all about It.

Tyrone is a math wiz, monkey bar climbing non-reader. He does not like reading at all and ignores his teacher during storyhour, even launching a paper airplane during a story about the moon landing. Until one day when the characters in the stories start to come to life and Tyrone and his classmates have to find one that escaped the classroom. Searching all over the school the children finally find the wayward character among all the others they have read about in the one room where they could co-exsist-- the library!


I love this simple story and while it is a little long for storytime with toddlers, it would be great for an older school group. I would also read it to someone who's not too into reading. This story could also be used in a special program about libraries.

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